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Our group of companies

PowerHouse ADVISORS™

Consulting with owners and senior managers to advance business development efforts, implement better system platforms, analyze process and procedures, improve operations to successfully execute strategic growth plans. 

The premier business consulting firm. 


Trusted by industry firms and leaders. The recruiting team delivers top-talent. Proven results sourcing, hiring, placing and developing manpower strategies to the luxury design, build, real estate industry for roles ranging from C - Level to Design Assistant. Finding the perfect fit for both growing firms and career-focused candidates.

A dedicated full-service hiring services group.

PowerHouse SMART®

Built to power-up the "best of the best" in the luxury industry with elite relationship building leading to shared education, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Leaders who come together to grow together, to connect, learn and grow.

The membership community for leaders in design, construction and real estate.

PowerHouse SMART® Luxury Conferences

Annual custom conferences designed with cutting-edge education, one-of-a-kind networking and professional growth opportunities. A platform of local and national speakers, keynote presentations, and face-to-face meetings with key industry professionals, bringing the best and brightest of our industry together.

Multi-city conference where luxury leaders experience inspiration, collaboration and education the PowerHouse Way.

The PowerHouse Group of Companies

Dedicated to being leading experts in design, construction, real estate and affiliated luxury industries.

Circle Infographic of PowerHouse Family of Companies

About Our Founder

Wendy Cohen has passionately developed and built each group of the PowerHouse Companies into a focused highly specialized consultancy for over 15 years. The PowerHouse Companies are most notably recognized for successfully guiding hundreds of luxury industry brands and firms in the design, build, develop, and real estate industries in North America.

Wendy Cohen

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